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Camera App To Event Clients

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A Modern Solution
For Your Client's Problems

Your event clients undergo the tedious, frustrating process of requesting photos from everyone who attended their event. Regardless of whether there was a professional photographer, guests always capture more angles, moments & memories in todays world of smartphones.

Our app captures all guest photos into one shared album without any downloads required, which you can share with your client and all guests after the event. That's your brand, in front of their eyes, again, and again.

Let's see how it works...

How It Works

For Event Guests

1. Scan

Your client's event guests scan a QR code that has been placed around the event venue.

2. Shoot

Your branded camera app loads without any downloads required. All photos guests take are captured in one event album.

3. Share

After the event, you can share the branded album with your client and all guests in a simple click.

How It Will Look
Branded App Example

The entire app is branded as your own, building your reputation for modern experiences. The best part? All guests are further reminded of your brand after the event when they receive the album. Again, and again.

Powerful organic marketing.

Simple Setup

How It Works

1. Create Event

On desktop or mobile, create the event from your dashboard, and upgrade it to a brandable 'Disposable Black' event app.

2. Upload Logo

In event settings, simply upload your company logo, and it will appear on the camera and album. This will save as the default logo for all events.

3. Print QR Codes

Download & print the QR code, or design your own, then simply place the QR codes around the event venue on your client's big day.

Only $99.99
per event.
No Monthly Fees.
No Hidden Costs.

Your branded disposable camera app is yours to sell as an event package add-on at whatever cost you choose, and we simply charge $99.99 for each event app. That covers all app service costs including indefinite photo storage.

Your Product. Your Clients. Your Pricing.

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